• "We all love your classes!"

    Virginia, parent, child aged 7, Kodu

    "My son loves the course very much. What I like the most is the interviewing part as it trains him to be a more confident speaker. Great class to attend, definitely will recommend!"

    Flo, parent, child aged 10, Android App Design

    "I love the cup robot! It taught me how to make it move & draw"

    Lina, parent, child aged 7, Craftbot

    "I love the creative use of everyday object to make robots."

    Jessica, parent, child aged 9, Craftbot

    "It's really amazing that we can use normal things that we us ein life to build a robot. Fantastic!"

    Ron, parent, child aged 9, Craftbot

    "My son likes science. This is definitely his kind of thing. I love the creativity and imagination being put into this activity. Love it!"

    Monica, parent, child aged 7, Craftbot

    "Very interesting and engaging"

    Tan Yi Lin, parent, child aged 7, Craftbot

    "I like how the lesson has been crafted to stimulate the creativity of my child. He's been trying out so many new ideas!"

    Shi Qi, parent, child aged 7, Craftbot

    "throughout the five days I have only heard of good things and seen amazing work from Wen Jie. I am glad that the program is ran so professionally, from delivering the material to the kids to the way the school kept the parents updated on the progress. This five days I have seen a side of Wen Jie that is rarely seen. So enthusiastic with the idea of going into class and he would actually asked to go early."

    Sabrina, parent, child aged 9, Kodu

    "When i joined the coding programme taught by Teacher Fendy. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme as the teacher was patient and very knowledgable. I was even more proud when I saw my completed game live. I shared the game I created with many of my friends and they too are playing the game now. To be able to create something and see others use it and enjoyed it, makes me feel very happy."

    Wen Jie, child, 9 years old, Kodu

    "It's interesting to see that my son was able to create a basketball machine all by himself"

    Michelle, parent, Microbit

    "He enjoyed his class and really looking forward to more lesson :)"

    Catherine, parent, child aged 7, Minecraft

    "It was so great to see my girl's looking so happy in class while she was away from me."

    Michiko Abe, parent, child aged 6, Robotics

    "She enjoys the programme very much and now she wants to learn more. Thank you very much for providing such a precious time for my daughter"

    Maki, parent, child aged 6, Robotics

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